"I have Autism, but Autism doesn't have me."

I started this blog to share my thoughts on what is life as a stay-at-home mom. With changes that have developed and shaped our characters here on the homestead, this is now Tristan's blog (Captain's log?) about life with Autism. We will be sharing various topics, focused on Autism, ranging from the professional focus to being in the parent's seat and how every day is different from yesterday and may not come close to tomorrow. There is much to continue learning when it comes to Autism, and as a family, we are sharing our experiences along the way. Pull up a chair, learn, then go out into the world and make a difference with what you've gleaned. Knowledge is Power!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Horse with the Purple Riding Pad

Tristan with Zena, @ Hearts, Hands, & Horses
July 6, 2012

Day One
June 1, 2012
I almost struggle with the words to begin this post, as there is so much emotion tied into what I'm about to start writing about & sharing with my readers.  Hippotherapy is like tonic for the soul of anyone with special needs.  I happened upon an article, or it happened to find me, a while back and wondered @ the possibilities of it working for Tristan.  I explored further by researching riding for individuals with Autism, especially children and specifically children under the age of five yrs.  I also had to come to understand that Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy are two totally different things; something I will get into with another post.  What I want to share this first time are pictures, and hopefully provided the video loaded properly, you can see for yourself (and probably hear my voice in there somewhere) the blossoming of a love for horses. 

Day Two
June 22, 2012
I am noticing with each session that Tristan has, along with the Sensory Integration he has following the riding, he has increased with his verbal content, along with interaction with others.  And he knows when he's going to the stables; we do talk about it before we go, but I sense he knows.  His posture has improved, along with balance (which still has a way to go, along building his muscle tone) and coordination.  It was also on this day, in the afternoon with a session in the pool, he got mad @ me for not getting in the pool with him, then for taking him out thinking there was something wrong.  "I'M MAD......AT YOU!"  Verbal expression linked to emotion; I'll take it!

Day Four
July 6, 2012
When I mentioned a love for horses blossoming, I really mean it.  As of the date for the video and this last picture for this post, he had been trying to get Zena (our lady with the purple pad & lovely long eyelashes) to go faster.  On this day, it was decided to take him a pace faster; the previous week, his crew stepped up the pace from a casual walk to a faster pace before our trotting day.  Only one "spin" around the ring, but it was worth every second.  My bud went home a happy camper after his session was over.

We still have sessions for the summer, so we are far from done.  I also have Tristan into Adaptive Swim with a local facility, of which I will also be expounding upon later.  I have alot to write about here, as this is now Tristan's blog and his story.  Please join us, and remember this: all children are wonderfully unique.  Treasure the gift while the moment is @ hand, for time waits for no one.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Phase in This Life

Just a note for my followers.
I've comprised my blogging into one solid blog, which is still in the works but available to view and follow. Please go to my new page and please become a follower. Life is wonderous and each new day holds a new discovery. Enjoy!



Monday, June 7, 2010

Creative Project Weekly Ambitions

"The Inspiration for This Blog"

"Creativity for Functional Purpose"

"Blast From the Past Visits the Present"
Taking a moment before heading off to bed for the night. I felt lost the last week but at the same time, after some major life altering decisions after moments of epiphany while gardening and feeling the coolness of the dirt as I intuitively placed seedlings and seeds, I enjoyed my weekend with my little growing family. A trip to the local bookstore reaped the reward of finding materials that I absolutely love, notices that my writing is starting to appear in the published realm-spurring me to write more but selectively and knowing I don't need the income to keep the lights on, I come into a new week of a new month; yes, it is the second week of June but I feel like we're still at the beginning of something new.
Found this great book, "The Gentle Art of Domesticity: Stitching, Baking, Art & The Comforts of Home," by Jane Brocket and absolutely love it! Fantastic way to view being creative while tackling and learning to turn around our view of the everyday tasks that have to be plowed through and not seen as drudgery. It has helped me to improve my focus on setting schedules, completing tasks that need to be done and then left as done, along with give me time to focus on Tristan's education, our time together connecting, playing, making memories, and last but not least, making time for myself and the many, many creative endeavors I have that I seem to dabble with as I move along.
Remember my closings on wondering why there were Cheerios in my shoes or under that coffee table.....the first photo here says it all.....even if it is Kix......~Mom
Yes, each week I focus on one particular creative project, write about it, and then move on to the next one waiting when the week is over, the weekend is enjoyed, and Monday comes round full circle to greet us with the feeling of where did the weekend go?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Life in the Mom Lane

"Building Makes Me Tired"

May is almost out the door and June is on the threshold to welcome us into the summer of our lives. Six more weeks to go, even with the doctor's office trying to convince me that I have an additional week and a half to go; hmmmm, I think a woman knows her body, or at least should, better than anyone could possibly try. Don't get me wrong, yes there are great care providers but I heard it said once and keep it in mind to this day: "They don't call it practicing medicine for nothing...."
I've been lax on posting here, as well as time devoted to my biz page and my musing page. This week especially was a tough one here in New England. Three days in a row that were sweltering and wanting nothing more than to rest and wonder when the heat would break to be able to find the energy to get stuff done. Its hard for me to do nothing, as I've always been on the go. I typically go until I can't go anymore, or at least this was my approach before becoming a mother. It has taken me two years to get it together to find a way to flow through life, things set up to do with the backup plan that it can all change in a heartbeat. And to NOT stress if something doesn't get done that can be picked up at another time. And now with another baby coming, it all changes....again. I have a feeling there will be times of laughter, the euphoric sense of wondering what just happened, and those moments where a good cry is all I need to get back on the horse and nudge into the Mom Lane.
I've been doing some great reading, cleaning up the two articles I have to submit before Monday, take a day to let things settle, and then move forward. Farmer's Market season opens this weekend in some townships but I will not be present until next week. I'll be doing what I can for the month of June, absent for the month of July, and hopefully back in the driver's seat come August. And now I find myself brainstorming what to write about next. Maybe starting with a list would be a great idea, and then work from there.....oh boy, I don't want to become a compulsive list maker......please take away all pens, pencils, paper, I'll even throw in the computer for kicks if it really gets bad.......you gotta laugh......
So, here's to another moment in the life of a mom who loves being a mom, a woman who loves being loved and being in love with the one who's meant for me, and the many, many other things I do that would almost require making a list.......~Mom

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cast Your Vote, Help a Little One

"Colors of the Baby Rainbow"

"Little Feet"

"Stitches, stitches, stitches.."

"Little Princess"
Ah, the long awaited post....finally. I had thought of this idea for some time, and with much more intensive thought over the Mother's Day weekend, I chose not to reveal the gender of my second child. There's more to the story of my decision but why continue to put focus on the negative when I can turn this into something positive and for the benefit of someone else, someone in need? So here it is....
Calling all friends, family, fellow fiber artists, and anyone interested in giving a hand to this project. For every vote cast, boy or girl, a donation of hand made items-hats, booties, and preemie size blankets-to be made to the children's hospital in your local area. I have many friends from all over the states, and would love to see where this will go. The voting will go until either my due date-July 16th-or when we make the announcement of the birth of our mystery child.
When my son Tristan was born, although a full term baby, he came a week early; swallowing and aspirating on amniotic fluid put in NICU @ the Vermont Children's Hospital for four days to clear him out and get him ready to be able to come home. After 30+ hours of labor into delivery, not being able to take my child home was devastating. After nine months of waiting for this little person to arrive, there was an empty feeling at first, frosted over with numbness of having to see him attached to wires and hanging on each progress report as to how he was doing. We both had a tough time going into the unit, just wanting to take him home. Watching other families there with their babies also made it hard to be there. We were very fortunate to watch the healing progress of our child, knowing that we would be taking him home at some point; knowing there were babies there, at least one not going home...its more than I want to give acknowledgement to but know that it does happen.
So, how important is gender? Why are some so overly consumed with boy vs. girl, pink vs. blue when it comes to colors? All I have and will ever ask for is a healthy baby, one I can take home and not feel lost as to how to start the journey of motherhood. As I continue my journey into motherhood, expanding our little family, I hope to hold my baby sooner than 13 hrs later, no wires attached, tests conducted, and to take this child home when I should be doing so. I can never dispute the wonderful care Tristan received in his time of need, because the staff, especially the nurses, were wonderful with him and put my mind at ease that he was receiving the absolute best care he needed. To look at him and listen to him today, you wouldn't know this event ever took place....miracles do happen, as do the speedbumps in life.
So, love the baby....boy or girl.....ask for a healthy life....and forget about pink and blue....

I will need knitters/crocheters to help with this project. Currently, I have two on board but depending on the number of votes cast, there may be quite a number to fill.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doughnut Art

"I'll paint these, Mom!"

"Sprinkles, anyone?"

"Put the camera down and help me eat this."
I wonder if Picasso worked with food?
We're continuing to work through the alphabet through art projects; tomorrow we finger paint after today's "eels with playdough." The doughnut project was fun; we picked up frosting and 6 doughnuts, as we had the sprinkles here at home. Tristan didn't care so much for the set up but once the doughnuts and the frosting connected by way of the back of a spoon, he was all about the hands on for decorating. It was great to watch him choose what he wanted for sprinkles, shake them on, and then after the caps were secured in place, it was all about the tasting and sampling to find out how yummy those doughnuts were. Two doughnuts were decorated, and the rest were eaten for breakfast-perfect.

April Showers Brought Mother's Day Snow

"Rainy Day Painting"

"Toy Cars Have Many Uses"

"I'd Rather Be Gardening"

"Can you see the snowflakes?"
Last Wednesday, we did our creative project, which was fun. We worked with Playdough today but I couldn't get a good shot of him at any time we were working the dough to make letters, shapes, smell it.... So far, the little man is not too hung up on painting but I think with time, he might change his mind. We're painting again tomorrow but with our fingers instead. And if not, its not a big deal; I trust he'll like what he likes, and not push him to be over the top with achievements. I want what's best for him but I want him to want it for himself. Happy, a life filled with sunshine with the occasional cloud-those do come, even if you don't want them to-and to just be; that's my goal as a parent and what I can give to my son.
And yes, we got snow on Mother's Day....something else. It was interesting to look outside, watch the snow fall in large, wet flakes, see that it wasn't sticking and staying. The day before, I took Tristan to Lowe's for their kids' workshop for a building project; he attends these little workshops and is really becoming more and more hands on with the building. I'll have to post about his projects.
Its been so busy here these last couple of weeks; I still have a list of things to do, writing to get through, soap to make (seems non-stop), a garden to continue planting, and priceless moments to spend with the man of the house-yes, the toddler rules the roost. I'm also research reading and reading to pull myself away from the "heady" stuff to give myself a mental break. And the fiber work? Yeap, still slaving away at that project, and wondering why the potty chair lays in pieces and there's Cheerios under the couch and coffee table....~Mom