"I have Autism, but Autism doesn't have me."

I started this blog to share my thoughts on what is life as a stay-at-home mom. With changes that have developed and shaped our characters here on the homestead, this is now Tristan's blog (Captain's log?) about life with Autism. We will be sharing various topics, focused on Autism, ranging from the professional focus to being in the parent's seat and how every day is different from yesterday and may not come close to tomorrow. There is much to continue learning when it comes to Autism, and as a family, we are sharing our experiences along the way. Pull up a chair, learn, then go out into the world and make a difference with what you've gleaned. Knowledge is Power!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doughnut Art

"I'll paint these, Mom!"

"Sprinkles, anyone?"

"Put the camera down and help me eat this."
I wonder if Picasso worked with food?
We're continuing to work through the alphabet through art projects; tomorrow we finger paint after today's "eels with playdough." The doughnut project was fun; we picked up frosting and 6 doughnuts, as we had the sprinkles here at home. Tristan didn't care so much for the set up but once the doughnuts and the frosting connected by way of the back of a spoon, he was all about the hands on for decorating. It was great to watch him choose what he wanted for sprinkles, shake them on, and then after the caps were secured in place, it was all about the tasting and sampling to find out how yummy those doughnuts were. Two doughnuts were decorated, and the rest were eaten for breakfast-perfect.

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