"I have Autism, but Autism doesn't have me."

I started this blog to share my thoughts on what is life as a stay-at-home mom. With changes that have developed and shaped our characters here on the homestead, this is now Tristan's blog (Captain's log?) about life with Autism. We will be sharing various topics, focused on Autism, ranging from the professional focus to being in the parent's seat and how every day is different from yesterday and may not come close to tomorrow. There is much to continue learning when it comes to Autism, and as a family, we are sharing our experiences along the way. Pull up a chair, learn, then go out into the world and make a difference with what you've gleaned. Knowledge is Power!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Life in the Mom Lane

"Building Makes Me Tired"

May is almost out the door and June is on the threshold to welcome us into the summer of our lives. Six more weeks to go, even with the doctor's office trying to convince me that I have an additional week and a half to go; hmmmm, I think a woman knows her body, or at least should, better than anyone could possibly try. Don't get me wrong, yes there are great care providers but I heard it said once and keep it in mind to this day: "They don't call it practicing medicine for nothing...."
I've been lax on posting here, as well as time devoted to my biz page and my musing page. This week especially was a tough one here in New England. Three days in a row that were sweltering and wanting nothing more than to rest and wonder when the heat would break to be able to find the energy to get stuff done. Its hard for me to do nothing, as I've always been on the go. I typically go until I can't go anymore, or at least this was my approach before becoming a mother. It has taken me two years to get it together to find a way to flow through life, things set up to do with the backup plan that it can all change in a heartbeat. And to NOT stress if something doesn't get done that can be picked up at another time. And now with another baby coming, it all changes....again. I have a feeling there will be times of laughter, the euphoric sense of wondering what just happened, and those moments where a good cry is all I need to get back on the horse and nudge into the Mom Lane.
I've been doing some great reading, cleaning up the two articles I have to submit before Monday, take a day to let things settle, and then move forward. Farmer's Market season opens this weekend in some townships but I will not be present until next week. I'll be doing what I can for the month of June, absent for the month of July, and hopefully back in the driver's seat come August. And now I find myself brainstorming what to write about next. Maybe starting with a list would be a great idea, and then work from there.....oh boy, I don't want to become a compulsive list maker......please take away all pens, pencils, paper, I'll even throw in the computer for kicks if it really gets bad.......you gotta laugh......
So, here's to another moment in the life of a mom who loves being a mom, a woman who loves being loved and being in love with the one who's meant for me, and the many, many other things I do that would almost require making a list.......~Mom

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