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I started this blog to share my thoughts on what is life as a stay-at-home mom. With changes that have developed and shaped our characters here on the homestead, this is now Tristan's blog (Captain's log?) about life with Autism. We will be sharing various topics, focused on Autism, ranging from the professional focus to being in the parent's seat and how every day is different from yesterday and may not come close to tomorrow. There is much to continue learning when it comes to Autism, and as a family, we are sharing our experiences along the way. Pull up a chair, learn, then go out into the world and make a difference with what you've gleaned. Knowledge is Power!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Were June Cleaver & Luci Ricardo Creative Feminists?

Yes, I feel I have those moments....had to use this photo of a calendar photo that I have to go with today's entry. I was in the midst of a morning yoga session today, trying to let go of all those buzzing noises, otherwise known as thoughts, stress, differences of opinions, etc...when suddenly I was struck with this idea: was June Cleaver a creative feminist? Then Luci came to mind as well. Here we have two women, characters in two shows from another time in our history, portraying the typical 50's housewife. Who were these women? Why is there perception that a tv portrayal of life to be considered "the perfect housewife/stay-at-home mom?
Luci didn't do laundry-Ricky's clothes went to the dry cleaner and she starch ironed everything when it came to the NYC apartment. June had dinner on the table when Ward walked through the door from work, wearing those infamous pearls and little starched apron. Life was full of laughs, slap-stick comedy, men being in charge, and women smoking that last cigarette at least 30 mins before her husband got home. Of course, there was the hour to powder her nose, make sure she looked great in her house dress and apron, and greet her husband at the door with a smile and "How was your day, dear?" question. Did these women have time to be creative? Or should I call for the camera to "CUT!" now?
Today's women are most definitely not the icons of yesterday. Working mothers, single mothers, stay-at-home mothers....we all wear a different hat. Not all of us who stay at home-I get to be one of those moms-agree with the sterotype that has been nailed to our backs. Sit at home and watch tv all day? Clean house with conviction and meet the mail carrier with a cheeriness that could rot teeth from the high sugar content? Lucky I don't meet you at the door wearing a bathrobe, curlers, and smoking a cigarette.....omg!
Staying at home has its perks and those moments when you could snap your fingers and be back in the work world where you punch in, you punch out. Staying at home gives me the ability to spend time with my son, being a part of his educational and developmental process; for me, if I had to work and he was in daycare, I know I would miss these milestones and that makes me sad just giving it a moment's thought. Staying at home gives me the chance to own and operate my own business, where I'm the boss of me; yet, I'm the one doing ALL the work and no one to delegate tedious tasks off to. I've started my creative process again, realizing my creative ability in all that I do, every day. Going back to school IS an option, as more and more academic institutions are going online to reach out to more people who are looking to further their education but not having the time or money to be on campus full time or go part time and feel like a life time student. Keep in mind, for those of us who can stay home, there's always laundry to do, dishes to be done, activities to engage in, places to go, errands to run, etc...those moments of bon-bons and an afternoon of nothing? Like a paradise vacation....
June and Luci were women of their time, and I'm a woman of my time. Feminism has existed since the beginning of time, even before the 60's bra-burning, equal rights fems. A woman is a multi-tasker, mender of hurts, coach and driver, cook, gardener, money market manager, party coordinator, teacher, receptionist, lover, mother, and the list goes on and on and on....
So, a tidbit of advise to all the women in our lives: remember to give her a hug today. It will mean more than you could ever know. ~Mom
"Quiet women do not make history." -Unknown

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